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Archon DayZ is a vibrant and welcoming place to be and has come to be one of the fastest growing DayZ servers.

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About Archon

Join our top-rated DayZ server and enjoy top-notch gameplay

As seasoned DayZ players, we have carefully curated a selection of three servers that offer the best gameplay elements. Our dedicated server, with a lightning-fast 1Gb/s connection, ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players. Come join our welcoming community and see for yourself why we stand out among the rest.

Our Progress

Fastest Growing DayZ Community

Join our rapidly growing DayZ community, where you can forge new connections and work together to survive the aftermath while enjoying thrilling gameplay.

Our Traits

Why you should choose Archon

Friendly & Welcoming Community

Archon has cultivated a large, friendly community of like-minded players who are always willing to offer advice where help is just a question away

Highly Experienced Development Team

The Archon development team has 10's of thousands of hours of experience in running modded DayZ servers and is available 24/7 to ensure smooth server operation

Top Server Performance

We use high-spec dedicated servers and high bandwidth connections in UK datacenters to optimize performance for our gaming servers

24/7 Staff Availability

Our server staff provides 24/7 support through a fast and efficient ticket system. Most tickets are answered within 2 minutes, and our staff can assist players remotely using a range of admin tools

Custom Discord Bot

We have developed a custom Discord bot for Archon that provides players with various in-game benefits

Top 10 Servers

Archon's DayZ servers have consistently ranked within the top 10 community servers and is renowned for its active PvE gameplay (Source)


What does the community think?


Valued Archon Player

"I've combed through loads and loads of different servers and hated them all, but this server is fricking incredible!"


Archon Administrator

"After trying lots of servers before joining Archon as a player and now admin i realized the reason ive stayed is that, Archon isn't just about DayZ its also about community and friendships the players get to form here and being a part of that."


Valued Archon Player

"I'm new to modded DayZ. So far I am loving this server. Its so friendly and helpful."


Prestigious DayZ Mod Developer

"Friendly community & a safe environment to play with guns, base building, & vehicles."


Certified Legend

"I was very new to modded DayZ and saw this server on a video that said it was friendly to beginners, I joined, and it truly was. The Staff and players are very easy to talk to and are always willing to help"

daringblade27 AI

Artificial Intelligence

"I've been playing on Archon DayZ for a while now and it's easily the best server out there. The staff are always helpful and the community is great. I highly recommend Archon - 5 stars!"

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We invite you to join our Discord server and become a part of our thriving group of survivors. You'll have the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals and create your own unique story within our community.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Discord?

Discord is a free communications app that lets you share voice, video, and text chat with friends, game communities, and developers. At Archon we use it to manage our community and support our players.

How do I get support?

You can visit our discord here and scroll down to the 'Tickets' area. You can then click on the specific server you need support with and press 'Create Ticket'. A new channel will be created at the top of our server with you and our staff team in. Please proceed to ask your question(s) and explain your situation. Generally, we get back to you in no longer than 2-3 minutes.

How can I become staff?

If you wish to apply for a position on our staff team, please visit the bottom of the page to the Staff Applications area.

How can I donate?

Your generous donations help fund the Archon servers and allow us to continue improving and expanding our service, including adding some premium paid mods. To donate, please visit our Archon PayPal page by clicking here. In the donation comments, please include your Discord name so we can grant you the donator role and track your donation. To avoid losing a percentage of your donation to PayPal fees, please send it as a gift.

Please note: All transactions are final, non-recurring and refunds are not available.

What launcher do you recommend?

We strongly suggest using the DZSALauncher when connecting to our servers. This way your mods are automatically managed and updated, saving you the hassle!

If you require any help or assistance in using DZSA, please reach out to us via a ticket on our Discord.

Where can I see the rules?

You can view our server rules in the in-game server panel. To access the panel, press the Escape key and select the "Server Panel" button in the menu. From there, click on the "Rules" tab at the top. You can also use the PAUSE-BREAK key to open the panel and click on the "Rules" tab.